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LONGABERGER GOLF CLUB, Ohio's top ranked public golf course, takes on a new name, THE VIRTUES GOLF CLUB.

In December, 2013, Four Virtues Inc. purchased the Longaberger golf course from CVSL (parent company of the Longaberger Basket company) and in 2016, the name of the golf course will become The Virtues Golf Club.

Four Virtues Inc. takes its name from Plato's 4 virtues of Prudence, Patience, Fortitude and Justice (sounds like Plato may have been thinking about golf). Although golf was not yet invented in ancient Greece, one must think that if it were invented, Plato would have enjoyed playing. While 4 Virtues would have been a nice name for a golf course, there are other Virtues involved with the game and hence Ohio's top ranked public golf course will take the name of THE VIRTUES GOLF CLUB.

While The Virtues Golf Club may go in new directions from Plato's original 4 Virtures, the attractive new logo design still reflects Plato's original ideas about virtue. The logo is made up of 4 diamonds. Each diamond represents one of Plato's original four virtues and the diamond itself is what is known as a Platonic solid.

Since acquiring the LONGABERGER/THE VIRTUES golf club from CVSL, the golf club has only gotten better.

The heating/air conditioning systems have been upgraded, new flat screen televisions have been installed, new sofas are in the bar area, the wrought iron patio furniture has been refinished, new patio umbrellas and patio seat cushions added, new fairway, rough and greens mowers added, new carpet installed in the ballroom, new point of sale system installed in the restaurant, a new picturesque water fountain added to the main entrance, Christmas lights are improved and mostly LED, cart paths have been improved, the parking lot coated and the lines restriped, the concrete walkways were totally replaced, and the entire clubhouse has been painted with an exciting and updated decor.

The Virtues Golf Club believes that continuous improvement is a Virtue. In 2016, look for new golf carts and carpet in the grill area.

The one thing that will remain a constant is the senior staff of The Virtues Golf Club. Danny Ackerman continues to be the General Manager, Hung C. Chow returns as Head Golf Professional and Director of Internet Marketing, Jeremy Brun returns as Executive Chef of the clubhouse restaurant, THE OVERLOOK, Jeff Stotts returns as Sous Chef of the Overlook Restaurant, Pam Aparacio returns as Sales Director, Mark Rawlings returns as Course Superintendent. Also remaining the same are the fabulous sunset viewings from the Overlook restaurant.

Located on 550 acres of rolling hills, The Virtues golf club (the old Longaberger Golf Club) is just 40 miles east of Columbus on route 161.

In 1999, Golf Digest named Longaberger the "Best New Upscale Public Golf Course" and more recently named Longaberger the number 1 public course in Ohio, #74 among the "America's Greatest Public Golf Courses by Golf Digest 2015-2016," and #63 among the "Top 100 Courses You Can Play by Golf Magazine 2015 - 2016."

In 2015, The Virtues Golf Club continues to be the number 1 public course in Ohio and among the top 100 public golf courses in America.

For a tee time or to make a restaurant reservation or to discuss wedding/private party/ banquet plans, call (740) 763-1100.

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News Source: The Virtues Golf Club

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